Bob Young 2014 to 2019

Sometimes we have members that come in and run trains, sometimes we have ones that only build structures and scenery on the layout, sometimes they only upgrade locos and sometimes they sit and wax lyrical about their experiences in model railroading. It’s pretty rare that we have members that do all of this and more. Bob was that rarity. His passion to build new scenery on the HO layout will be sorely missed as will his company and good humor on all the group trips.

Bob joined the Club in 2014. He participated in nearly every event that was held and always volunteered for layout projects. He had a good positive attitude about all things and towards the end kept that upbeat nature – a great lesson for us all! He fought through all of his major ailments during the last few years and continued to be active in the club until the last month.

Of course as many do, during his membership he attracted the nickname “Mad Dog” as a result of a group trip to Oakland and the ensuing lunch. Being a Restauranteur, Bob had high expectations of food service and his acceptance of the rather sad French Dip offering from the Bay Area Cuisine was um, how can I put this? maybe “less than enthusiastic”. There was more roasting of the waiter than the beef in the sandwich on that day!

Bob loved to run his trains, particularly his long articulated steam locomotives. Unfortunately the number 4 turnouts in the Roseville yard were less loving towards his locos and as the lights on the DCC power unit flickered on and off we would hear the cry of ” where’s the rerailer?”

We all appreciated his humor and camaraderie but I think that he would like to be remembered for his achievements on the HO layout. In particular, the rock work and scenery on the short line area. Bob was a wiz at painting rock formations and terrain.

He will be missed by all that knew him.

He loved running trains at IRF.

and always came to the Op sessions even at Xmas!

Prepping Tinseltown
Our group at lunch at The Nantucket in Crockett