Camera Cars on the HO Layout

Just recently, two camera cars that project their live view onto two TVs in the clubhouse have been built and set up by Keith Waddell and Louis Frank for the HO layout.
A year ago Gerry Nelson set up a camera car by using a battery operated Micromark camera, transmitter and receiver in a gondola that could view the scene ahead by being pushed by a loco. Keith and Andrew Moore developed the theme by transferring the camera to an old F unit which looked more realistic. One issue which frustrated members was the flickering nature of the picture, and the quick drain on the battery used to power the camera so experiments were taken to develop a better set up.
In short the club now has two Club owned camera cars and two receivers for displaying two simultaneous live engineers view of the trains on two TVs. The cars make use of the latest drone technology to give a high resolution picture that is relayed over 5.8KHz to a multi channel receiver and then onto the TV.
The original camera was fitted into an SP F unit together with a headlight, bridge rectifier, voltage regulator and capacitor to allow it to be powered from the track.
A new camera, transmitter and receiver were purchased from a drone supplier and fitted into another F unit. This Sante Fe unit couples nicely with the clubs two Sante Fe A and B units to allow a passenger train to be pulled by an A-B-A unit. The F unit houses the camera, three bright lights to illuminate tunnels (great idea Bob Young!), a bridge rectifier, capacitor and voltage regulator (again track powered). The transmitter and aerial are also housed in the unit although the aerial extends out the back. The receiver displays into a TV. See the accompanying pictures for the view you get.
At the recent Berry Festival, the public loved seeing themselves on TV when the train swung into view and the engineers perspective could allow excellent operational potential.
Have we resolved all the original issues – unfortunately not! The flickering nature of the display is a frustration still but with Louis on his 5th camera purchase the experiments continue….