Carquinez Railroad Society Visit

On Saturday Sept 30th, 12 intrepid club members made their way down to the Carquinez Model Railroad Society open day in Crockett, CA. After paying the “suggested” donation of $8 we investigated the club facilities. The layout is built in two levels with two giant helices connecting the two levels. The lower level has scenes that are local to the area with a fantastic representation of the Carquinez Train Bridge and a model of the Crockett Sugar factory.  The upper level has a city center scene of Sacramento and a mountain area that extends up 10 ft ( the reputed cost of building this is in excess of $22,000!!!!). Very impressive!

The layout was separated into 20 sub sections with each having a booster and three PSX circuit protection systems for the 60 separate districts.  It was under NCE control.

Further into the multi storey building, we also investigated the Lionel based three rail  guage set up. Again very impressive and designed to catch the eye of the young kids.

Well worth the trip down to the Bay.