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May 10, 2016



I          Principal Office
II         Purpose
III       Membership
IV       Officers
V         Elections
VI       Meetings
VII      Disbursement of Funds
VIII     Dissolution
IX        Quorum
X          Special Meetings
XI        Elected Officers and their Responsibilities
XII       Planning Committee
XIII     Roberts Rules of Order
XIV     Business Meeting Format
XV       Types of Membership
XVI      Membership Fees
XVII    New Members
XVIII   Resignation of Membership
XIX      Election of Officers
XX        Appointment to Committees
XXI       Disciplinary Action
XXII     Structure of the Bylaws


The principal office of the corporation for the transaction of business shall be the Johnson Hall Annex Building on the Placer County Fairgrounds, located in the City of Roseville, Placer County, California.


The Roseville Roundhouse Model Railroad Club (RRMRC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of railroad historical and technical information, the conduct of scientific model railroad research and the promulgation of technical standards for railroad models. RRMRC shall construct railroad models depicting railroad history, conduct educational programs, sponsor and participate in public shows to provide historical and technical information to the general public, and provide a service to the local community.


Any person may apply for membership. For persons under the age of eighteen, a parent or guardian may be required to be present at all times. Upon completion of two months meetings and activities and the payment of the application fee, an applicant who agrees to pursue the RRMRC’s goals will be granted permanent membership upon majority vote of the members present at the monthly business meeting and payment of the next month’s dues. There shall be no discrimination because of age, race, color, creed or sex.


The organization shall be managed and administered by a Board of Directors who will consist of the following officers; President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.


The four officers shall be elected at the March business meeting and serve for a term of one year. No officer shall serve more than five (5) consecutive years in any one office. The election shall be by majority vote of the members in attendance.


A business meeting shall be held on the first Saturday of each month, except when it falls on a holiday. Then it shall be held on the second Saturday.


All funds shall be disbursed by checks with two officers signatures required. None of the organizations assets shall be used for the private benefit of any member or other individual.

1) All funds included in the annual budget will not need special approval for checks to be issued. (A motion is not required to pay the bill)

2) All expenditures of more than $100.00 not covered by the annual budget must have prior club approval before checks can be issued.


Upon dissolution of the organization, the assets after satisfaction of outstanding debts shall be distributed to a non-profit fund, foundation or corporation devoted to the preservation of railroad history, qualified under Internal Revenue Code 501 (C) (3). Such organization shall be selected by a majority of the members present a meeting called to discuss dissolution.


A quorum at any meeting of the club shall consist of at least two members of the Board of Directors and five other voting members. A quorum for any executive meeting shall consist of three members of the Board of Directors.


Subsequent to Article VI of the Bylaws; all other days except the business meeting shall constitute a special meeting. These meetings shall be for the enhancement of the club layout and historical artifacts. Additional special meetings can be called by any officer of the club, or requested by any member, with just cause, through any officer of the club. All special meetings shall be held at 10:00 AM or determined by circumstances.


A. PRESIDENT: Oversees the operations of the club, provides for the administration and leadership of the club, conducts the monthly business meetings and calls all special meetings as required for the welfare of the club, represents the club in all outside meetings, and appoints committees to continue the success of this organization.

B. VICE-PRESIDENT: In the absence of the President, oversees the operation of the club at all regular and special meetings and, if necessary, represents the club in all outside meetings. The Vice President will also serve as the planning committee chair person, appoint committee members and hold a monthly meeting which will include publication of proposals received and status.

C. SECRETARY: The Secretary shall be responsible for the keeping of all minutes of all meetings, handle all correspondence and publicity for the club, and maintain the bulletin board for the club on a current basis. The Secretary shall provide a copy of the minutes to the President prior to any business meeting. The Secretary shall receive all applications for membership and issue Club Identification Cards when appropriate. The Secretary shall maintain, prepare, and record all forms required by Federal, State, and Local authorities with the aid and assistance of the President or other appointed persons or officials. It is the Secretary’s duty to maintain the membership lists for the club. These lists should also be provided at the February Business meeting.

D. TREASURER: The Treasurer shall be responsible for the handling of all of the Club finances, issue checks for all bills and receipts for all funds, and maintain an account of all transactions in a proper accounting perspective. The Treasurer shall prepare a financial report for each business meeting of the previous months transactions and an annual statement for the February business meeting. The annual statement should also include a recommended budget for the following year. This should also recommend the next years dues structure. Since the Treasurer maintains the records of fees collected (dues and initiation). The Treasurer shall conduct meeting in the absence of the President and the Vice-President.


Responsible for reviewing all proposed changes to the layouts or interior of the Clubhouse, comprised of a minimum of 5, but not to exceed 9, club members, which includes the chair person, consisting of at least 1 person from each scale layout, and also responsible for presenting proposed changes and current status at our monthly business meeting. Club members who disagree with committee decisions have the right to take their concerns to the club membership directly at any monthly business meeting where a vote by the membership will decide on the issue.


This club shall use Roberts Rules of Order as a guide for assuring all meetings are conducted in an orderly fashion.


A: Call to order
B: Reading of minutes of the previous meeting
C: Financial Report
D: Communications
E: Committee Reports
F: Old Business
G: New Business
H: Closing


As stated in Article Ill of the Bylaws, the membership of the organization is open to any person who agrees to follow the Bylaws of this organization. There are five classes of membership in this organization. They are as follows:

ACTIVE MEMBER – Any person over the age of 18 years who regularly attends club functions during the year, and whose dues are paid up-to-date.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER – Any person between the ages of 16 and 18 years whose dues are paid up-to-date. These members have full membership and voting privileges. An associate member must have a Parent/Guardian who will be responsible for, and present with them, at all times. The parent/guardian requirement may be modified at the discretion of the club.

TEMPORARY MEMBER – This category is for all new members of the club. This is a two (2) month period for the club members and the new members to get a chance to know each other. At the end of the two months a vote is taken for permanent membership (Active or Associate) by the club members present (Simple majority required).

PROBATIONARY MEMBER – A member whose dues fall in arrears for 3 months will be placed on Probationary Status. A probationary member cannot vote, hold office, or have operating privileges. To be reinstated (within six months) the probationary member must pay all dues in arrears and at least one (1) months dues in advance. A person can only remain in this status for 6 months before being dropped from the rolls and then must reapply as a new member to gain reinstatement.

CHARTER MEMBER – A member of this club since its origin in 1977. These members have all the rights and privileges of an Active Member but are free of any financial responsibility to the club. As of this update, Lee W. Smoak is the only person recognized as a Charter Member. When this individual, for whatever reason, is no longer associated with this club, this type of membership shall cease to exist.

INACTIVE MEMBER – Any active member may request in writing to be placed on inactive status for six (6) months or longer if approved by membership. An inactive member does not owe dues. They cannot vote, hold office and have no operating privileges. Status must be voted on by the membership of the club. To regain active membership an inactive member must pay the next 2 months dues and will then be reinstated.


INITIATION FEE: – The initiation fee of two months dues are payable upon submission of a membership application. If the applicant is applying as an Associate, the initiation fee shall be one-half of the above stated fee. These fees are non-refundable.

DUES: – The dues shall be set to meet the need and expenses of the club. They are payable not less than monthly to the treasurer. The dues of the active members of this club shall be twenty dollars ($20.00) per month. Associate membership shall be one half of the active members dues. All dues paid shall be non-refundable. Any member who falls in arrears of their dues by more than three months can be subjected to disciplinary action by the club. (See Article XXII of the Bylaws).

ASSESSMENTS: – Assessments can be levied on any type of membership of the Club when the need warrants. Assessments must be approved by a 2/3 vote of the members present.

SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS: – If a member is in the United States military and is deployed for a period of 16 days or more in any one calendar month, the member’s monthly dues shall be waived for that month.


A. New memberships can be attained by completing a membership application and submitting it to the club Secretary with the appropriate initiation fee.

B. The application will be noted in the minutes and the applicant recognized at the next regular business meeting.

C. Temporary members have no voting privileges in the club.

D. SPONSOR – The Sponsor of a Temporary Member is responsible for communicating the operation of the club and the activities and responsibilities of Active and Associate Members during the two month probationary period.


A member who desires to resign from the RRMRC may do so at any time by submitting their notice in writing, or by email, to the Secretary.


A. The annual election of Officers shall be carried out at the March business meeting of each year, as prescribed in Article V.

B. If a vacancy occurs. It shall be filled at the next business meeting by a majority vote of the members present.

C. Elected officers shall assume their responsibilities at the end of the meeting in which they were elected.


A. It is the responsibility of the presiding officer to appoint / delegate members to committees to insure success in the operation of the club


A. Any member who feels disciplinary action should be taken against another member may bring it to the attention of the membership at a regular meeting.

B. If disciplinary action is required it shall be handled in the following manner:

1) The matter shall be discussed at a regular meeting. If a majority of the members present agree that disciplinary action is appropriate, they shall also determine the specific penalty

2) If the member who is the subject of the complaint is not present the Secretary shall notify him in writing of the club’s intended action as well as his rights under subsection 3 below.

3) Any member who is the subject of a proposed disciplinary action shall have the right to be heard and present additional information for consideration at the next business meeting. If this right is exercised, a new vote on the disciplinary action shall be taken at that meeting. Both the complainant and the subject of the complaint may vote if their membership status carries voting privileges.


A. Changes must be offered in writing, at any regular business meeting.

B. They will be read under new business and entered into the record without any action taken.

C. The Secretary or any club officer shall notify all voting members in writing or by email, within seven (7) days of the proposed changes being offered.

D. At the next business meeting, the changes shall be discussed and a vote taken. A two thirds (2/3) majority of the members present is required to adopt the changes.

E. Any changes, additions or deletions of the Bylaws shall cause the Secretary to reissue said pages to each member.

F. The Bylaws shall carry an index for easy listing and a date of the current issue.

These Bylaws and subsequent changes were adopted on these dates:

GAC: April 9,1987
Updated June 6, 1990 by George A. Carter
Updated June 2, 1992 by Walter Allison
Updated April 2, 1994 by Jeff Zenovic
Updated April 2, 1997 by Jeff Zenovic
Updated August 04, 2009 by Jim Stapleton
Updated January 09, 2010 by Jim Stapleton
Updated April 10, 2010 by Jim Stapleton
Updated March 12, 2011 by Jim Stapleton
Updated June 2,, 2012 by John Eilers & Terry Smithson
Updated July 7,, 2012 by John Eilers & Terry Smithson
Updated May 10, 2016 by Robert Ramirez and Dick Strahl

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