Sponsor Guide

Please Instruct new club members on the following items:

[   ]  Location and operation of light switches and thermostat
[   ]  Location of main power switches for layout
[   ]  Restroom key (also locks front & rear doors).   LAST PERSON TO LEAVE MUST LOCK DOORS!!!
[   ]  Location of recycling containers  (under the HO Layout mining area)
[   ]  Parking rules imposed by fairgrounds management (click here for details)
[   ]  Layout operation rules  (click here for more details)
[   ]  Using TV Monitors mounted in the corners of facility behind HO Layout (click here for details)
[   ]  Media Area: How to operate TV, DVD Player & Computer (click here for more details)
[   ]  Payment rules for candy, soft drinks & water, coffee  (click here for more details)
[   ]  During seminars, please…no loud conversations, running of trains or testing whistles/bells, etc.
[   ]  Bulletin Board: Bylaws, track cleaning assignments, list of designated ownership markings, etc.
[   ]  Club rules ?????????
[   ]  Using our website

[   ]  North Wall: Storage cabinet, four drawer file cabinet, storage under work area  (click here for more details)
[   ]  South Wall: Upper & lower cabinets, storage under work area,  tool cabinet by door  (click here for more details)
[   ]  Upper & lower cabinets beside refrigerator   (click here for more details)
[   ]  Under HO Layout: Black tool chest…   (click here for more details)
[   ]  Under N Layout: Folding chairs
[   ] Under HO Layout Bookcases


Comments in blue denotes detail page not yet completed

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