HO layout Progress – Storage room return loop

Progress on the return loop for the two main lines in our storage room has been relatively swift.  Bob bored holes through the wall, built the ply support for the tracks and then the plinths. A frame around the outside to prevent trains from dropping off the track onto the floor completed the wood work. Cork was laid as road bed and then track laid. This set up will be unscenicked and will be in operation until we ultimately build our helix to a lower level. The gradient around the 36inch radius turns is on average 1.5percent. 

tunnel bores into the storage room
cork laying. doesnt look pretty but as its unscenicked it doesnt matter
ply base for the return loops
gluing in place the masonite strips to prevent 300ft accidents….
completed track laying
track laying with some of the tools of the trade. The hammer is particularly useful to control the peanut gallery