How to weather freight vehicles

Several of our members are interested in weathering their rolling stock. One member, Wayne, recently held a seminar at the club outlining how to weather freight vehicles using airbrush techniques and using graffiti and rust spot decals.

Some useful techniques included:-

Spray the car with clear gloss before applying decals. Use a stencil and spray the stencil with white before applying a dark graffiti decal on a dark car. Prepare surface using microset then add decal, then add microsol or solvaset to get the decal to “snuggle” down over irregular surfaces. Pop bubbles by using a pin. Fix the decal down by spraying with a clear flat.

When using an airbrush use a paint booth with a suction fan that exhausts to the outside. Use a respirator when airbrushing. When weathering, airbrush within 4 inches of the paint surface.  If reproducing rust streaks use a thin triangular stencil and set it against the car. Set the airbrush to a very light setting then airbrush in a down pattern 4 times to arrive at effect. It is better to use a dual action airbrush – simpler and easier to clean. Practice on scrap paper so the spray barely covers. Use Floquil or Trucolor.  Trucolor is better since acetone is used as the solvent, plus Floquil is no longer available. The best colors to use for weathering are diluted orange for rust, and a color called dust (looks grey) for general dirt. Dilute paint by 10:1 before use. If you use Acrylic paints then you may experience blockages of the spray nozzles. Always clean the nozzles before changing paints.

The seminar went down very well and contained a lot of useful information.  Thank you Wayne!

If you would like more information please contact us!