International Rail Fair 11-12 Nov 2017

The Club co-hosted the International Rail Fair Nov 11-12 2017 at the “Grounds”. Our own club layout was on display along with displays from the Sacramento Modular group, the Free-Mo N scale group, the Sacramento Live Steam group and the On30 Modular group. Saturday was a particularly popular day, Sunday less so. Patron car parking arrangements had changed to the front area by the Nascar track and access for people was through the main entrance. This was the first event at the grounds since the refurbishment of the Johnson and Jones Halls and the re-landscaping at the front of both halls. It made for a very impressive venue for the show.

The running of trains was seem-less throughout the weekend and no major short circuits were experienced, although failure to reset switches on a couple of occasions led to some “Hand of God” movements being required. Ken in particular was thankful that he was running the camera car in one situation, as he barreled unintentionally into the Truckee yard at 100mph….. ( Keith says sorry…). I believe a first use of the Engineers view on the TV to prevent a collision.