Interview: Short Line Project

Excerpts from a recent interview between Keith Waddell and Gerry Nelson:

Keith: We’re going to talk a little bit about the North West Short Line that the club have put in, and Gerry Nelson here did the wiring to enable DC and DCC operation. So Gerry, do you want to tell us about what you achieved?

Gerry: Well, we were building the short line, a separate line, so you can come from the main line on to it, then back on to the main line. However, a lot of the guys in the club would bring DC engines, but they couldn’t test them out on our layout because it’s all DCC. so i wired the short line in with a switch that way you could shut the power off on the short line, make it either DCC, or straight DC. So you could do anything you want, but you can’t go from that short line (in DC mode) into the main line while you are running DCC

Pins were installed that rise when the DCC mode is switched to DC as indicated by the photos below:  (Click on image to enlarge)

Below are photos of the DC to DCC switch and the associated wiring at the rear of the switch: (Click on image to enlarge)