Inventory – Locomotive Standards

  • Goals
    • Paint Schemes:
      • HO
        • 50s-70s preferred,logging, narrow gauge steam and modern also considered
        • Southern Pacific and Western Pacific are Priority
        • Club railroad the Western Sierra Lines
        • Santa Fe
        • Modern Union Pacific along with BNSF and it’s predecessors are OK, but not preferred.
      • N
        • 70s-80 era preferred
        • Southern Pacific and BN are priority (Representing railroads in Northern California and Oregon)
        • Amtrak
        • Western Sierra Lines
        • BN Predecessor Roads considered(GN/NP/Burlington/SP&S)
    • Functional requirements
      • All locomotives should be DCC/Sound equipped, Diesel consists may have some motor only decoders as sound isn’t needed in all units.
      • kadee couplers
      • no broken or missing parts
    • Locos that may be projects could be added if the club agrees
    • Existing locos not meeting requirements should be repaired or phased out
    • Exceptions may be made based on club vote for special locomotives

Locomotive Roster Size
The Club seeks to balance having a useful and meaningful roster for operations and education against the reality that locomotive maintence is a chore that can take time from other modelling pursuits.

In general, the Club seeks to maintain the minimum number of locomotives in N and HO to host operating sessions without requiring  club member equipment. Priority is given to robust quality drives and basic detail models over “rivet counter” models and  “consists” that match the look and feel of the prototype railroads they represent.

Model Railroads