Jack London Trip Nov 29 2017

The twice annual pilgrimage to Oakland was held on a beautiful day!  This trip was dedicated to a long time member Ken Kilby who is about to embark on a sojourn to the Carolinas.

The assembled pilgrims were golf carted across to the waiting Siemens loco hauled train. The motive power was only two months old and immaculate, however it was less than enthusiastically hailed by the engineering staff despite its 4700HP. It did haul us up to 80mph in less than 2minutes though and the Amtrak rolling stock gave a very comfortable ride. Views across the Bay area were spectacular especially around Martinez and Pinole. One shock in store for some of us was the dramatically changed San Francisco skyline. 3 new buildings now dominate with the old Transamerica building now reduced to a side obelisk.

Jack London Square inspired a “Call of the Wild” style sprint to our lunch venue at Kincaids on the edge of the Bay. Excellent cuisine and banter ensured the swapping of many sea faring stories and there followed much verbal and visual hankering over the water craft assembled in the Marina.

The trip back was uneventful although it was interesting that the group split up between the front and back of the train. The guys at the front having an uninterrupted view at the front of the train!, whilst those at the rear received an uninterrupted viewpoint on the history of the club…. 🙂

Traffic back from Sacramento was negotiated with ease and everyone had a great time!