Mocking up Harriston and the Port Area on the HO layout

Hello All, I am keeping this public so people can see what is going on at the Clubhouse. The enclosed pictures show the proposed region known as Harriston and the Port Area mocked up with a track plan (from number 62) and with some buildings placed at key points.

We had several members come by Saturday to comment on the plan and I have made note on several changes that we should make. In my view there is a lot of proposed water (sea front) which we may want to revisit. So can I urge all members to get down to the clubhouse at some point in the next week, view the Harriston layout plan, the port area plan then provide feedback to me via email, sticky note, scale alternate plan overlaid on the track plan with extra sheets of paper or whatever.  I will collate the comments then we will have a meeting next weekend- (likely via Zoom but I will be at the club) to discuss the track plan.

For members of the public, please enjoy our process here.