New Full Length Backdrop Behind HO Layout

For a number of years, our club has had prints in frames mounted on the wall behind our large HO layout. Eventually, we decided to take them down and paint the wall a nice sky blue color. After the wall was painted, a number of our members painted clouds on the wall and several attempts were also made to add clouds made of cotton wool. The final result still left something to be desired.

Then, a new member, Dick Eddinger, joined our club. He had a great deal of knowledge about Model Railroading and suggested that perhaps his wife, Nancy, might be able to paint murals on the wall to tie into our present scenery. As it turns out, she was a highly skilled artist. Nancy painted and Dick mounted murals large enough to cover all the open areas on the entire wall between support posts. Nancy then came back and painted all the posts and electrical conduit to make the wall one continuous scene. The results were absolutely fantastic! Our club is extremely grateful to Nancy and Dick for their amazing contribution. Thank You so much!