New layout designs for our new site


I am making this public to allow for maximum feedback and input.  Enclosed are 5 track plan designs that have been submitted so far:-

The first is by Dave Fode and can be viewed here

fode track plan

The second is from an unknown person (possibly Dave Fode?)

fode possible track plan

The third is from Bob Ellis and can be viewed here

ellis track plan

The fourth is from John Eilers and can be viewed here

RRMRC New track plan 1 (1)

The last is from myself Keith Waddell and can be viewed here

kw track plan

I am still seeking more input from members regarding a track plan.  However having spent the time and energy to produce a track plan myself I really appreciate Bob, Dave and John’s work on these- trust me its not easy….. After we are done with IRF and the tear down we will be initiating presentations by the authors of their layout designs.  I will keep you posted.

In the meantime I will be bringing a couple of folders into the club, one with the floor plan info and the other with hardcopies of these track plans.


Keith Waddell