Progress update on our new layouts

Switching Layout:

This layout is being updated with improved turnout control utilizing servos, touch switches and Arduinos. It is also being rewired to better enable new scenery animation and improved turnout reliability.

N Scale:

There have been two excellent N scale layout designs submitted to the club by Troy and Mark.  The footprint will be in the 10 ft x 14 ft area that had already been determined by the club.   Future development of the design will continue.

HO Layout:

The HO scale Layout design is being developed based on the discussions and the voting of the club members.  Currently, the overall bench footprint has been decided upon as well as part of the track design.  The track design that has been determined thus far by club vote is to have a large staging yard along the west wall that curves around an aisle forming a “U” shaped yard.  Below this yard – at approximately 18 inches – will be a storage yard.  There will be a helix as well as a return loop in the storage room in the northwest corner of the building.  This helix and loop will be accessed through openings in the wall to the staging yard area.  This new layout will feature Arduino/servo controlled turnouts, an under table staging/storage yard accessible by a helix and an overall design intended to better accommodate operations. Track work on the left half of the layout is under consideration and has not been agreed upon at this time. The track work on the right side (yard area and roundhouse) have been approved. Click links below to view details:

Upper Level

Lower Level