Planning – Awaiting Review

Created By Project Title Location Reviewed Priority To Edit
12/18/16 John Eilers Lower edges, install better plexiglas HO Layout 03/27/18 Medium
12/18/16 John Eilers Front of Layout Expansion HO Layout 03/21/17 Low
12/18/16 John Eilers Rework Penryn/Norden HO Layout 03/21/17 Low
12/18/16 John Eilers Rebuild upper yard HO Layout 03/21/17 Low
12/18/16 John Eilers Visible indication for staging HO Layout 03/21/17 Low
12/18/16 John Eilers Add LED/Spot lights to layouts Facility 03/27/18 Low
02/11/17 John Eilers Add LED indicators to sidings HO Layout 03/21/17 Medium
03/17/17 John Eilers Add signaling to the layout HO Layout 03/21/17 Low
05/09/17 Bill Dillon Add additional circuit breaker protection HO Layout High
08/26/17 Bill Dillon Carpet area inside layouts Facility
08/26/17 Bill Dillon Handrails around layout HO Layout 03/27/18 Low
10/17/17 John Eilers Create name and redecal Shortline Inventory 11/21/17 Low
10/17/17 John Eilers Rationalize Club locomotive Inventory Inventory
01/30/18 Keith Waddell Golden spike ceremony modular layout Modular
03/05/18 John Eilers Display club plaques and awards. Facility
03/05/18 John Eilers Counter display plan for shows Facility
03/05/18 John Eilers Canopy for Berryfest and PCF Facility
03/07/18 John Eilers Un-sceniced corners for switching layout Modular

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