Roundhouse Project Update

Back in the Summer we decided to update the roundhouse area with detailed scenes. However in order to set a good base from which to work, we rebuilt the current roundhouse.  The first step was to remove a stall, turning the 6 stall building into a 5 stall building.  This would allow space around the outside for new scenes. In addition two stalls had the back portion removed to allow “road” access at the rear. Once achieved, Lin repainted the roundhouse to emphasize the brick facade, Keith re-windowed the structure and then installed 33 lights. The finished base was reinserted onto the layout in Mid October. Work by the Roundhouse committee (Dick, Bob, Lou, Brad, Floyd, Lin, John and Keith) can now start in earnest on adding scenes such as smokebox cleaning, workbenches, lathes, crane gantries, outside clutter, a road and a blacksmiths building etc.

Watch this space!

Progress on the Roundhouse Project