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Front of Layout Expansion

Status: Postponed

Submitted: 12/18/16  ? By: John Eilers       Location: HO Layout       Category: Trackwork

Assigned:   ? To: Unassigned       Priority: Low       ETA:

Skills Taught:  

Detailed Description (What):

Expand front of layout to a maxium depth of 3 feet move mainline, move refinery, add a port and then cut out old section to improve access. rework dutch flat.

Reason(s) (Why):

desire to add to layout, add a port, improve operations and flow of operations.



Multiple changes here. Suggesting a rework of dutch flat that will improve it, but described scenery choice is optional. This layout change is designed to work with my suggestion to rework lower yard to passenger terminal and rework norden/penryn

1/17/2017: Planning committee meeting Straw poll of club memebers suggests 3′ too much expansion. consensus to develop plan to an 18″ depth. Max depth from south side of layout to ~ support pole then taper off to current layout. Curve layout border
John to produce plan by next planning committee.

Update 2/20/17
Attached updated plan for 18″ expansion.
Plan creates a dock for a car float or ferry along with docks for barges.
The refinery tracks stay as is, the refinery structure moves to other side on the hill.

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