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Add LED/Spot lights to layouts

Status: Postponed

Submitted: 12/18/16  ? By: John Eilers       Location: Facility       Category: Lighting

Assigned:   ? To: Unassigned       Priority: Low       ETA:

Skills Taught:   Electrical

Detailed Description (What):

add drop (removable if we move) lighting to highlight and enhance viewing. Not just replace tubes in ceiling, actual layout lighting. Daylight color and/or theater RGB lighting would be ideal.

Reason(s) (Why):

the room lighting is greenish hued cool white. It doesn’t completely cover the layouts and it doesn’t show them in the best light. Adding removable lighting that looks good would enhance the layout immeasurably and also could be taken down if we ever move.


Ribbon LED lighting is a new product that is quite cheap on Amazon. low power, low heat and comes in high brightness whites and RGB. John to suggest specifics for plan. (including est cost) 2/21/2017 Added Picture with SWAG costs for Track lighting from 3/31 Bill moved back to “Awaiting Review” status as since lighting type has not been determined, this is not ready to be submitted for club approval. (forgot to do this lst planning meeting)
Lin to get pricing from electrician on adding new ceiling light panels.

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