Open Projects – Electrical

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Status Project Name Last Updated Location Category Priority Assigned To
Assigned Shortline switchable to isolated dcc 03/21/17 HO Layout Control Low Bill Dillon
Assigned Action button for road crew 01/16/18 HO Layout Animation Medium John Bowles
Awaiting Review Add signaling to the layout 03/21/17 HO Layout Control Low Unassigned
Awaiting Review Add additional circuit breaker protection HO Layout Control High John Eilers
Postponed Visible indication for staging 07/18/17 HO Layout Control Low Unassigned
Postponed Add LED indicators to sidings 07/18/17 HO Layout Control Medium Unassigned
Postponed Convert staging to tortoise/DCC 10/17/17 HO Layout Control Medium Bill Dillon
Postponed Create Long term strategy document 07/17/18 Facility Computer Low Unassigned

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