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Finish work on Club Engines

Status: Approved/Unassigned

Submitted: 03/05/17  ? By: John Eilers       Location: Inventory       Category: Locomotives

Assigned:   ? To: Unassigned       Priority: Low       ETA:

Skills Taught:   Electrical, Modelling

Detailed Description (What):

Ken Kilby Donated this Athearn Blue Box GP38-2 to the club when he left. He gave it to John Eilers to work on. John replaced the decoder with a sound unit. Floyd improved the install. Ken did the basic paint of the unit. The following work needs to be complete.
Decals (Western Sierra name and logo (on nose and JE would like on either side) numbers
Black paint on intakes and fans needs to be toned down. Hand rails need purchased and applied, new Athearn Blomberg M truck side frames, painted maroon and applied.
Detailing as desired (JE would like it to have a snowplow)

Reason(s) (Why):

Engine has been sitting unfinished for a number of years. Would fill out the club roster.


7/17 updated assigned to from Floyd to unassigned

1/19 – Proposed name Western Sierra Short Line

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