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Create name and redecal Shortline

Status: Approved/Unassigned

Submitted: 10/17/17  ? By: John Eilers       Location: Inventory       Category: Locomotives

Assigned:   ? To: Unassigned       Priority: Low       ETA:

Skills Taught:   Modelling

Detailed Description (What):

Create a name for the Shortline. Possibly a subsidiary (High Sierra RR? Sierra Short Line?) Bob & Dick Lumber etc) Repaint the Shay with this name

Reason(s) (Why):

The shortline doesn’t have a name. this would give it some distinction for operations.

This shay is currently lettered for Cass Scenic Railway. It would be more interesting to have it detailed for a club Road.


Redecal would be simple. Not a complete repaint. Pending name suggestions and committee approval.

1/19 – Proposed name Western Sierra Short Line

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