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Rationalize Club locomotive Inventory

Status: Assigned

Submitted: 10/17/17  ? By: John Eilers       Location: Inventory       Category: Locomotives

Assigned: 10/16/18   ? To: Bill Dillon       Priority: Low       ETA: 11/01/18

Skills Taught:   Modelling, Documentation

Detailed Description (What):

Work with Operations committee to create a Rationalized Locomotive plan for club loco inventory based on Operations needs.
Operations should be able to run with no member locos.
Further, some number of locos should be in Western Sierra colors
Pair and speed match as needed

Purchase, paint or upgrade locomotives as needed

Reason(s) (Why):

Right now, the club has a mish mash of locomotives from various roads. We have 3 painted in the current club scheme and 1 in the old Orange and Black (dummy)
none of them are speed matched or set up for use in Operations.
Operations should have the correct number of locos to run a basic session without club member locos.
In addition, to create a sense of place and remind people who we are, it would be desirable to have a matched pair of locos in the scheme. Especially for ops. Suggest potentially purchasing something at Railfair.


Documentation of process completed.

Painting locos if needed could be a good clinic. Ken Kilby and Jud are pretty good at painting (Jud uses rattle cans, Ken an airbrush.)
We already have the decals.

This was originally proposed by Dave Fode.
I may be able to donate a dummy unit for one of these.

Note, discussions with Keith, Bill and Dick show competing ideas on the locomotive roster. Need to nail down.

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