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Upgrade track cleaning Cabooses

Status: Approved/Unassigned

Submitted: 07/04/18  ? By: John Eilers       Location: Inventory       Category: Rolling Stock

Assigned:   ? To: Unassigned       Priority: Medium       ETA:

Skills Taught:   Modelling

Detailed Description (What):

Replace plastic wheels with metal (Intermountain 33″) wheels
Remove truck mounted couplers and replace with body mount Kadee
add weight to cars

Reason(s) (Why):

These cars were pressed into service without a full setup.
Plastic wheels actually increases the likelihood of oxidized gunk on the rails and body mount Kadees aren’t at the right height and have been shown to cause derails especially in backup moves. Cars are also quite light. With these upgrades, the cars will track better and be easier to pull in consist


Also an opportunity to replace cleaning pads.

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