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Rationalize MoW rollingstock

Status: Assigned

Submitted: 07/04/18  ? By: John Eilers       Location: Inventory       Category: Rolling Stock

Assigned: 10/16/18   ? To: Jud Reeves       Priority: Medium       ETA: 03/19/19

Skills Taught:   Documentation

Detailed Description (What):

review existing MoW equipment and create a reasonable set of equipment, upgrade cars as appropriate.
Paint all cars as needed

Reason(s) (Why):

Currently the club has Ken Kilby’s very very nice MoW train, a set of cheap Santa Fe MoW cars and assorted other cars of low quality. This includes three cranes and for some reason 4 boom cars. The paint schemes are a riot of colors and some cars that might make sense are missing (water cars)

Suggest that a rationalization of the MoW fleet is done. Create one or possible 2 consists. Use Ken’s well done equipment as a start add as appropriate. Write up bullet point fast facts about train to tell visitors.


This would be a good example project for how club Rolling Stock could be used in shows and events.

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