Open Projects – Scenery

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Status Project Name Last Updated Location Category Priority Assigned To
Assigned Distillery Grain Transfer Facility 10/17/17 HO Layout Scenes Low Brad Brown
Assigned Switching Layout – Scenery 03/27/18 Modular Scenery Medium Bob Ellis
Assigned Finishing area around the turntable 10/16/18 HO Layout Scenes Medium Keith Waddell
Assigned Carnegie Hall refresh 10/16/18 N Layout Scenery Medium Wayne Beck
Assigned nameboards 10/16/18 HO Layout Scenery Medium Lin Barenchi
Assigned Town names on facia boards 10/16/18 HO Layout Scenery Medium Mark Wähler
Postponed Scale scene(s) in yard(s) 08/28/18 HO Layout Scenes Low Unassigned

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