Open Projects – Scenery

Carnegie Hall refresh

Status: Assigned

Submitted: 06/29/18  ? By: Keith Waddell       Location: N Layout       Category: Scenery

Assigned: 10/16/18   ? To: Wayne Beck       Priority: Medium       ETA: 10/30/18

Skills Taught:   Scenery, Trackwork

Detailed Description (What):

The layout at Carnegie that the club is responsible for maintaining is looking “tired”. This is a project to figure out what needs to be done, list those items then assign the work to volunteers to action.

Reason(s) (Why):

Layout looks old and tired.


Initial phase needs to be assembling a team to assess what needs to be done. Initial viewing by Dick Strahl and Keith Waddell suggests a new rail bridge opposite the Carnegie Hall and many more trees to be put on the layout. First step should be a group to go over to carnegie, photos taken, list the things that need to be done, mock up photos with alterations and enhancements then appoint work items to volunteers. At a recent business meeting the following volunteered to help : Wayne, Bill Deitchman, John E, John B and Ken R. This needs a leader

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Model Railroads