Skills Being Taught

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Assigned Project Title Project Lead Location Skills Taught
07/18/17 Switching layout Bill Dillon Modular Ballasting, Electrical, Modelling, Scenery, Sculpting/Plaster, Trackwork, Woodworking, DCC
01/16/18 Distillery Grain Transfer Facility Brad Brown HO Layout Modelling, Scenery, Trackwork
08/19/17 Switching Layout - Scenery Bob Ellis Modular Ballasting, Modelling, Scenery, Sculpting/Plaster
08/05/17 Altering the existing roundhouse Keith Waddell HO Layout Modelling, Scenery
08/05/17 Finishing the area around the turntable Unassigned HO Layout Ballasting, Modelling, Scenery, Woodworking
09/19/17 Dutch Flats #2 passing switch Dave Fode HO Layout Trackwork
09/19/17 Label HO switches with numbers Dave Fode HO Layout
11/21/17 Redecal/repair 2-8-2 For WSL John Eilers Inventory Modelling
11/21/17 Acquire Steam engine repair tools John Eilers Facility Modelling
01/16/18 Action button for road crew John Bowles HO Layout Electrical, Modelling, Scenery
04/17/18 Garden track surface around roundhouse Keith Waddell HO Layout Ballasting, Modelling, Scenery, Trackwork
02/20/18 Steam pipe to Garden tracks. John Eilers HO Layout
04/17/18 Ready HO layout for disassembly Chris Roberson HO Layout Electrical, Woodworking
03/27/18 Ready N layout for disassembly Jud Reeves N Layout Electrical, Woodworking
04/17/18 Garden Track duckboards and ballasting Keith Waddell HO Layout Scenery

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