Railfan Trip – Jamestown


  • Group of 7 people attended. Thank you to Jud and John for free entry.
  • 11.30am Tour of roundhouse, to ask questions and take photos of relevant roundhouse interior items to replicate on club layout
  • 1.30pm Train ride behind 4-6-0 No.3 – the famous one.
  • 3pm late lunch
  • 4.30pm viewing of No.3 on the turntable

Things of Note

  • Many thanks to Paul for hosting our Roundhouse tour. Tons of interesting facts amply complemented by our own club members extensive knowledge.
  • The roundhouse visit threw up lots of modelling potential and items of note included the Blacksmiths area, the extensive use of a pulley system to supply power to cutters, lathes, gantry crane, pipe cleaning and much more. It was also noted that the outside of the roundhouse had considerable modelling appeal with spare wheels, signalling equipment, rails, various tanks and old boilers.
  • The Jamestown site houses a Shay, a Heisler, a 2-8-0 and no.3 the famous 4-6-0. Only the No.3 is currently working. There are also some Diesels present, one being a war dept loco.
  • We undertook a journey behind 4-6-0 No.3, the famous loco that starred in Petticoat junction, back to the Future and numerous westerns in the 60s and 70s. The train trip takes one about 2 miles down the track to a quarry site with the countryside looking as though it was once the victim of hydraulic mining, but pretty none the less.
  • Some of us had the pleasure of being allowed in the cab of No.3 where we asked questions on how a steam loco is really operated.
  • The end of the day culminated in No.3 be turned on the turntable prior to being housed in the roundhouse for the night.
  • It was an extremely cool visit and well worth the 2 hr drive from Roseville.

Roundhouse Tour

Train Trip

No.3 on the turntable