Xmas Operation Session

Another successful Operation Session on Sat. Dec 16th, this time with a Christmas Flavor!!

We had a wonderful Christmas themed session focusing on railroad operations at the North Pole the day before Christmas.  Towns along the right of way included Tinsel Town, Reindeer Junction and EggNog Grog!
This holiday Op session was based upon our standard  scenario with both yards in operation, a routine transfer between yards, and two local turns serving industry.  The session utilized the Polar Express.
The Goal was:     Get all Christmas packages, and assorted accutraments such as ornaments and wrapping paper to their destinations via switchlists at the North Pole. Many good kids were depending upon Santa, and Santa was depending upon his railroads and toy factories (infrastructure) to make it happen. 
Map:     Our layout was the North Pole. 
Roseville Yard :            This acted as Christmas Town  and was the main yard where all toys arrive for sleigh loading. Santa’s sleigh(s) was also stored and maintained in the sleigh roundhouse. Christmas Town was the final destination of the Polar Express. 
Dutch Flat:            This acted as Tinsel Town and had many factories for Christmas goodies. 
Norden  :              This became Elfton for the making of wrapping paper and ornaments for distribution.
Alta  :                    This became EggNog Grog and made gallons and gallons of egg nog for distribution.
Colfax:                   Renamed Reindeer Junction  it interchanged with the shortline. 
Wooden toys were made here, and the reindeer were kept.
Christmas Trees were harvested for distribution.
Raw ingredients for eggnog & hot chocolate were generated.
Many elves live in R.J. and commuted to other destinations.
Truckee Yard:              Renamed Noel Yard , it managed all distribution and railroad efforts. 
It was the hub of all N. Pole railroad operations including M.O.W.
Our Resources:   Our 2 yard masters were Keith (the tall elf) and Josh, Wayne and Bill mastered the Polar Express, TheTinsel Town crew was Gerry and Bob Y, The Grog crew was Lou and John.
 The Grinch (Brad) was our excellent Dispatcher!
and of course the one and only Santa of ceremonies: “Tony 1 in charge”.   Nice one Tony!!
Conclusion : It was the day before Christmas and the North Pole was a flurry of activity!  All Toys and Christmas goodies were loaded on to the sleigh in Christmas Town! the only few hiccups involved the abandonment of 4 Xmas parcel cars in the tunnel, which the Polar Express found(!?) and the frisky reindeer pulling Santas Sleigh…..