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Criteria for Membership
1. Be at least 16 years of Age. Associate members are age 16-18 a regular member is 18 years +.
2. Submit your application to a club officer together with a non-refundable initiation fee $50 (two months dues in advance) for regular members, $20 for Associate members.
3. Complete a two month probationary period.
4. During your two month probationary period, you will be responsible to your sponsor for any liability, damage or injury. You will have NO voting rights during this period.
5. At the first monthly meeting after the 2 month period, membership will be voted on by secret ballot by all members present.
6. Upon acceptance as a member, dues for the next month are due and you will receive access to club documents.
By completing the form below and clicking on the “Register” button, I am agreeing that I have read and fully accept the above conditions pertaining to my membership in the Roseville Roundhouse Model Railroad Association.

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