HO Layout – Fairgrounds, Roseville, CA


The layout described below and the pictures are of our former layout previously located at the Placer County Fairgrounds from 2007 through 2019.  Alas this layout is no more.  Our move away from the Fairgrounds necessitated the destruction of this wonderful masterpiece.. Therefore as the title suggests this description is of what is now History!

The old Western Sierra Lines HO layout was recently featured in Model Railroader magazine Dec 2019 edition.

Vital Statistics

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The Layout was a 17 X 30  “Z” shaped layout. . Track was Atlas Code 83 with a minimum radius of 30 inches and a maximum grade of 2% on the mains. The layout had a 200 foot long double mainline which was complete. In addition, the layout included a mountainous short line designed to highlight geared steam and other short/slow equipment. This short line had a minimum radius of 24 inches and a maximum grade of 4%. The Layout utilized DCC which was provided by a Model Rectifier Corporation (MRC) Prodigy Wireless DCC system with one wireless base unit and six booster units to control seven Power Districts.  In addition, the shortline had the ability to operate a straight DC at the flick of a switch. This gave members an opportunity to run older equipment that had not been converted to DCC.

If you would like to watch some real action on the layout, check out this link on Facebook:

Layout Photos



Basic Scenery was complete across the entire layout. Staying true to the name Western Sierra Lines, the layout depicted a line that moved from rich farmland valleys to mountain passes and included many examples of the different environments California’s railroads operate in.

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