Obituary for John Bowles

Our Past Treasurer, John Bowles past away a few weeks ago. He had been battling Leukemia for 5 months and had picked up a blood infection at the site of his chemo infusion.  He never recovered. He was 82. John was a great asset to the Club and his no nonsense approach to being our Treasurer for the last 3 years gave us pause for thought. Comments like “We are going to run out of money soon” made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! We were not running out of money but it certainly sent me rushing to the bank statements…. No seriously, John was always willing to volunteer to build things like circuits and animated models for our layouts. He always helped out at shows, moving items, was the gatekeeper for our internal auctions and rebuilt our switching layout following our move from the fairgrounds. His recent projects included making CAD drawings of items we needed on the layout such as steps, walls, servo machine holders, which could then be 3D printed. In addition together with Chris, he designed and built the box constructions which lie at the heart of the HO layout and allow track installation and wiring to be much easier. His deadpan self critical humor built long lasting friendships with many of us at the club and he will be sorely missed by all of us. RIP John, you gave a lot of people much pleasure and the world is a sorrier place without you.

your friend,

Keith Waddell, President RRMRA

The picture below shows John querying Chris as to whether the 150th Anniversary Layout would stand up to being moved across Roseville. It did!