Press Release : Roseville Roundhouse is looking for new premises!

Press Release : Roseville Roundhouse Model Railroad is looking for new Premises

Who we are: Roseville Roundhouse Model Railroad Association is a 501c3 registered non-profit organization classified as a public charity. We are present our model trains as both a hobby and a connection to the history of Roseville, Rocklin and the surrounding  historic communities.

We’ve been a part of the Roseville Community for over 40 years participating every year at the BerryFest, the Placer County Fair and the International Rail Fair. Families and visitors have enjoyed watching the layouts evolve and watching our trains run. Many hobbyists and model train enthusiasts have used it as a learning experience in terms of the new technology being used in the model train hobby. We raise some of our funding through donations and the proceeds are split with The Shriners Children’s Hospital. We have had a long standing relationship with the Roseville Historical Society.  More recently we have supported our local Historical Societies in both Roseville and Rocklin in celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Transcontinental Railroad by producing a 4ft by 6ft diorama depicting those towns as they existed back in 1869 at the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad. This diorama is now been exhibited at Rocklin History Museum and in July at the Carnegie Museum in Roseville. We would love to remain in the area!  Please help us.

Our organization has been situated at the Placer County Fairgrounds for the last 12 years but now it is time to move on! The Fairgrounds is changing both in name (@the Grounds) and nature.  The new building going up there will usher in a new sports focus for the area. Our site with our two model railroad layouts is right in the middle of the new development. This necessitates us looking for new premises.  The Landlord is in the process of allowing us to stay through to the end of 2019. By that time we will be required to move out and dismantle the layouts.  The last time the public will be able to view our extensive model railroad will be at the International Rail Fair held on Nov 9/10th 2019.

What does this mean for our organization? We are now looking for

A minimum of 1600sqft area (any configuration is possible with one big open area preferable).

Access to restrooms

Minimum of a 5 year lease (10 preferable).

Ample parking that is close by.

Air Conditioning/Heating


We will consider

A building which will require AC/Heating, some renovation.

Land that can be built on (parcel sizes of around 5000sqft).

Any sublet of an industrial or agriculture building.

Unused public buildings


Any assistance members of the public, local businesses or local governments can provide is greatly appreciated. We’re committed to the Railroading history of Roseville and the surrounding area.  Thank you for your support.

Contact: or visit our web site