RRMRA needs donations of model railroad equipment

Hi Everyone,

thank you for continuing to support our wonderful Model Railroad Club. we are now in the middle of building our new layout and are requesting people to donate any of the following items to the club so we can make further progress. Even the smallest item can make a difference. All you need to do is drop off the item at the clubhouse on a Tuesday or Saturday morning. If you would like a tax receipt please let me know.


Keith Waddell, President

The items are:-

Atlas 83 gage flex track
Peco 83 gage electro frog turnouts #5 RH, LH, #6 RH, LH, #8 RH, LH
Scenery material:
Water (Magic water or equivalent)
Ground cover (ground foam)
Buildings non-RR
Vehicles (lighted)
Billboards, signs (lighted)
Rock molds
Plaster impregnated gauze
Lightweight hydracal