HO Layout – Dry Creek, Roseville, CA

The HO layout at our new facility is slowly taking shape. The new layout is around 50ft by 20ft with an extension into our storage room.  We have produced a tentative plan for the layout and are continuing to modify this as we build. An example layout plan can be seen below

HO Layout 46 – Upper

Progress in 2020 has been surprisingly good in view of the events in this year. Here are some photos of the progress on the yard area. As you can see the yard is quite extensive and allows for trains to be reversed as necessary.

completed track laying
more track being laid on the second box. Note that we have cork road bed onto top of cork sheeting for the main lines. All sidings and yard is a slightly lower level
more cork laying on the second box and the turnouts were preset up with cuts to allow control of frog polarity and a separate wire for the frog.

Model Railroads